Special Events

Regina is home to nearly 850 students and 100 employees. The draw to Regina goes beyond our commitment to educational excellence as we involve surrounding communities, thousands of guests, local businesses, and Regina alumni to support, partner, and participate with us each year. We accomplish this through major fundraising events that benefit not only Regina but the Iowa City community as well.

As a private institution, Regina’s greatest challenge continues to be that tuition covers only 61% of the cost to educate our students. While our local parishes subsidize 25 of the remaining operating costs, we are in need of assistance from outside resources to cover the additional 14%. Therefore, it is critical that we partner with local businesses, friends, and neighbors to help provide a solid faith-based experience to keep tuition affordable so that Catholic education can remain a choice for all families.

Than you for supporting Regina. We can not be successful without your partnership

Trish Kohl
Special Events Coordinator
Email:  trish.kohl@icregina.com
Special Events Phone: 319-358-2455 Ext . 1700

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Fall Fun Festival

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2016 NFL Benchwarmer Raffle Tickets
Are Now On Sale!
Sponsored by Regina Catholic Education Center

You may not play in the NFL, but you can still WIN!
Get in the game with the Benchwarmer Raffle
Here’s how it works:

  • Regina Benchwarmer tickets are on sale during the NFL football season.
  • Each ticket has a chance to win up to $500 each week during the NFL season.
  • Each week your ticket will show three randomly selected NFL teams.
  • If your three teams score the most points that week, you win $500!
  • The nine highest and two lowest scores will also win cash prizes.
  • You can win multiple $500 prizes with just one ticket.
  • Over $15,600 in cash prizes will be given away to lucky Benchwarmer ticket holders throughout the entire football season.
  • Increase your chances by buying multiple tickets.
  • The winning numbers are computer calculated and the winners will be posted weekly on our website at www.regina.org
  • Winners will automatically be mailed their prize money!
  • More information is available at www.regina.org
  • Ticket Order Form click here

JOIN THE SALES TEAM: Consider helping Regina to sell tickets. Call Trish Kohl for more information at 319-358-2455 ext. 1700.

Tickets must be purchased by 5 p.m. on
Thursday, Sept. 8!


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Regina Kentucky Derby
February 4, 2017
Coralville Marriott Hotel
300 East 9th Street, Coralville, IA 52241



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Questions: Contact Trish Kohl at trish.kohl@icregina.com or 319-358-2455.


Yowell Golf Classic

Don’t forget to save the date for next year!  Friday June 17, 2016

Fall Fun Festival

Join us at the 38th Annual Iowa City Family Fun Festival!

Friday, August 18th – Saturday, August 19th

We are proud to once again offer this time- honored tradition that brings home hundreds of families and friends from all around Iowa City and surrounding communities. It will be held on the weekend right before school begins, so come out and celebrate the start of the new school year!

Questions: Contact Trish Kohl at 319-358-2455.