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Regina is home to nearly 850 students and 100 employees. The draw to Regina goes beyond our commitment to educational excellence as we involve surrounding communities, thousands of guests, local businesses, and Regina alumni to support, partner, and participate with us each year. We accomplish this through major fundraising events that benefit not only Regina but the Iowa City community as well.

As a private institution, Regina’s greatest challenge continues to be that tuition covers only 61% of the cost to educate our students. While our local parishes subsidize 25 of the remaining operating costs, we are in need of assistance from outside resources to cover the additional 14%. Therefore, it is critical that we partner with local businesses, friends, and neighbors to help provide a solid faith-based experience to keep tuition affordable so that Catholic education can remain a choice for all families.

Than you for supporting Regina. We can not be successful without your partnership

Trish Kohl
Special Events Coordinator
Special Events Phone: 319-358-2455 Ext . 1700

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Welcome to Regal Rewards Program!

Regal Rewards is gift certificates from national and local retailers.  Participating retailers agree to sell gift certificates to Regina at a discount (1.5% – 17%). Families buy the certificates through Regina for full face value and redeem them for full face value at the stores. The discount is Regal Rewards revenue. Half the revenue raised this year by the Regal Rewards  Program will be given to the Regina General Fund.  The other half of that profit goes to your account; use it towards tuition, lunch account, sport participation fee or yearly spring registration fee! Teachers can also have accounts with money earned being applied to lunch accounts, or “classroom cash”.

Once a year in April, the  Regal Rewards office closes for one week to balance our books. All families that participated during the year will receive a letter stating what was earned, and instructions for applying your credit. Our fiscal year is April to April – in accordance to our national supplier of gift cards. You family money accrues for 12 months in our fiscal year.
By planning ahead and using Regal Rewards to shop for everyday purchases, a typical family can earn about $11 a week. It adds up quickly–it’s not uncommon for an average family to earn more than $500 in rebates in just one year!  The more Regal Rewards you use for your family shopping, or your friends and family – the more money you earn. Your family and friends can help you too by purchasing through your family account.
Regal Rewards can be used for household items, food, clothing, entertainment, gasoline, dining out, and even trips. Regal Rewards is exciting because everybody wins: The retailer gets cash up front and repeat business, Regina gets a regular source of revenue and you get to keep 50% of the revenue you generate for your Regina account.

Weekly orders foregal Rewards  are due by 9am on Monday of “full order weeks”. Cards are then available on Friday for pickup in the JR/HS office by students or sent home in backpacks for elementary students.  Parents can also pickup orders in the Regal Rewards office on Friday morning. Full order weeks are listed on our calendar. During full order weeks you can purchase any quantity of gift cards from our full list of local vendors and national vendors.

Click here for local vendor list
Click here for national vendor list

The Regal Rewards Office is open daily for walk in “cash & carry” sales from 8am-9am when school is in session.  We keep a limited quantity of our most popular gift cards for “cash & carry” sales. Regal Rewards is also available for purchase at many Regina events. Purchases made at “cash & carry” sales will be credited to your family Regal Rewards account. Click on the link above to download our current

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2016 – Summer Hours
Summer Regal Rewards Order Weeks will be:
June 13
July 11
Aug. 8

Regal Rewards will resume the school year schedule beginning Monday, August 30.

The Regal Rewards Office will be open for Cash & Carry Sales from 8 – 9am Tuesday and Friday mornings during the summer.

If you are available to help in the office or as a runner during the Summer Order Weeks, please contact Traci Wagner at

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