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Activity Moderator

6/11 – Shelly Conlon
6/11 is a program that connects juniors with 6th graders.  The goal is to provide leadership opportunities for the juniors while helping the 6th graders to find a mentor in the high school so when they become 7th graders, they feel more comfortable.

High School Art Club – John Demory
High School Art Club meets every Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30. All High School students are welcome.  Art Club members may choose whatever project they would like to work on, and may take part in some group activities as well.

Debate – Jessica Mehegan
The Regina Debate Team participates in Public Forum debate throughout the state of Iowa.  Students research and practice a new topic each month.

Drama – Elizabeth Tracey
Drama Regina produces 2 plays and 1 musical each year.  The high school students participate in a play in the fall, while the Junior High shares their production in the spring.

Geography Bee – Jessica Mehegan
Geography Bee is a competition open to all 7th and 8th grade students.  Winning students have the opportunity to compete on the State and National Level after winning our school competition.

Jr High Art Club – Becky Popelka

Jr. High & High School Yearbooks – Neil Tunnicliff
Yearbook   Students create an original historical record of the school year each year. This journalism course covers a wide array of topics including photography, graphic design, and news writing.

Key Club – Barb Reilly
Key Club is a high school service group that is affiliated with the national Kiwanis organization.  Regina’s chapter sponsors our annual Senior Citizen Thanksiving Dinner, various Regina service projects, and assists the local Kiwanians with their service projects.

Math Club – Marielle Thomas
Throughout the course of the year, our Math Club team members compete across the state against other schools our size. For each competition, there are 4 tests. A sprint, target, team and relay test. The first two are individual while the latter are where you will work in groups of 3. At the end of the day, points are tallied and awards are presented. If you are interested in getting into a good College and your focus is math-based, then Math Club will help you achieve your goals. Click here for more information.

Musical – Caroline Marcotte
Every year, the high school presents a musical directed by Angela Howard to be performed at the beginning of March.  All students in grades 9-12 are welcome to participate.  In addition to on-stage roles, students are needed as stage hands, tech crew, and hair, make-up, and costume crew.  Recent shows include “Bye Bye Birdie” (2011), “The Sound of Music” (2010), “Annie” (2009), “Guys and Dolls” (2008), and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” (2007).  This year’s musical with by “The Music Man” and will be performed at the new Coralville Center for the Performing Arts from March 1-4.

Newspaper – Neil Tunnicliff
Journalism The Regina Spectrum is published 6-8 issues per year and gives students a great opportunity to learn hands on skills related to publication construction.

National Honor Society – Lynne Zoulek
National Honor Society is a school sponsored organization that recognizes those students who show a positive character, are good leaders, excel in academics, and do volunteer service work.  NHS is in charge of the blood drives hosted by Regina twice a year.  Members organized, volunteer and help sign up donors for the life giving blood that goes to our local hospitals.

Operation Smile – Chris Murdock
Operation Smile is an international medical humanitarian organization dedicated to raising awareness of this life-threatening issue and providing lasting solutions that will allow children to be healed, regardless of financial standing, well into the future.  At Regina our students provide financial assistance through fundraising activities such as dances, penny wars, car wash, stadium cleanup, can drives, etc.

Quiz Bowls – Barb Reilly
Regina’s Quiz Bowl Team attends quiz bowl competitions throughout the state.  Teams compete at the Ankeny Quiz Bowl Iowa State High School Quiz Bowl, Bettendorf Quiz Bowl, Drake Honors Quiz Bowl and the Department of Energy Science Bowl to name a few.  Members include students who like to compete in this type of setting and who excel in such fields as math, science, history, English, and general trivia.

Retreat Team Leaders – Shelly Conlon Retreat Team leaders are juniors and seniors who lead grade level retreats for the high school and junior high.  RTL’s participate in 4 weeks of training and then work prior to the retreat to appreciate the best way to lead small group activities, discussions and faith building exercises.

Robotics Club – Gordon Hackett
The Regina Robotics Club is for high school students who want to learn about robotics by building, programming and having them compete in qualifiers.  This year’s First Tech Challenge is “Bowled Over” and the rules and scoring methods are located on the website  It is a great way to apply technical skills and to meet other people from Regina and other schools, who share the same interests.

Speech – Marielle Redington
The Regina Speech Team is composed of group speech and individual speech and competes in the IHSSA competitions Jan-Mar.  Students participate in a variety of drama and acting experiences while working for competitions.

Student Council – Brendon Aitken
Student Council is a representative body chosen mainly by their classmates to organize social and extracurricular activities. At the present time, Student Council is completely in charge of all Homecoming activities and very involved in the Recycling Regals program. The Student Council is also called upon by administration for their opinions and ideas regarding rules, regulations, etc.

TAG –Barb Reilly
The Regina 7-12 Talented and Gifted Program supplements the curriculum by offering opportunities for students with 97% or higher CORE Total on Iowa Assessment tests.  Students are eligible for programs such as, Knowledge Master Open, Scholastic Challenge, Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl, Math contests, geography bees, spelling bees, etc.