Every teacher asks the question at some point, “Why am I in education and is this my calling?”  I posed that question to myself after my second year of teaching. That is when an opportunity to teach at Regina came my way. I came into the position thinking it would be a stepping board to a teaching position elsewhere. It took only months to realize I had become part of something special.

The enthusiasm I had when I graduated from college was reignited by the students’ drive for excellence. Regina is an unique and special place to be, not only for our students, but also for myself and the Regina staff.  The teachers here support and nurture each other on a daily basis.  They truly want what is best for our children’s academic, emotional and spiritual growth.

Regina brought my faith life to the surface and turned my life in the direction where I wanted to lead with faith, integrity, hard work, and dedication to the students I taught.  At Regina I became a Catholic and know that all I do, I do because I have Jesus Christ leading my way.  Because of Regina and my own faith journey, I chose Regina for my children.  I want faith to be their core.  The values and morals taught at my home are the same ones that will be instilled in them on a daily basis by people that are passionate about their calling. I can trust that they will be surrounded with caring and supportive teachers and staff that will challenge them to be the best they can be.

Teaching is a calling; however, I was led to be a leader.  As I transitioned into my administrator role here at Regina, it has allowed me to set an example for my staff and the student body to step up to challenges and to not be afraid of taking risks, and possibly failing.  As it is in taking risks that we can realize our potential. I am in a position to effect change; we have the opportunity to make Regina the best school in the state of Iowa.  This is due to our students, our community, our staff and our commitment to ask each of us to give our best.  When we meet the challenge, then we need to create new goals to strive for in the future. Why should we stop at being the best school in Iowa?



  • Faith-focused
  • Values based education
  • Rigorous Curriculum
  • Safe Environment
  • Small Class Sizes (Class average of 17 students)
  • SMARTBoard technology in Every Classroom
  • STEM Classes
  • Band, Choir, Orchestra, and Music
  • Innovative Teaching
  • Out of School Time Activities Including: 7th & 8th Grade Football, Cross-Country, Volleyball, Track, Wrestling, Basketball, Softball, Dance Team, Robotics, Yearbook, Drama, and Speech


  • Focus on Faith & Character Development
  • Rigorous College Preparation
  • Safe Environment
  • College Credit Classes through AP
  • Small Class Sizes (Class average of 17 students)
  • SMARTBoard technology in Every Classroom
  • Near 100% Graduation Rate
  • ACT Composite Score of 24.5
  • STEM
  • Project Lead the Way
  • Cyber-Science 3D Modeling Software
  • Championship Athletic Programs and Activities
  • Fine Arts-  Including Music, Band, and Art Classes