“The school must begin from the principle that its educational program is intentionally directed to the growth of the whole person.” – The Catholic School #29

Regina Ele
mentary Curriculum

Regina Elementary is committed to educating the whole child through a challenging and relevant curriculum. Regina is fully accredited and licensed by the State of Iowa, and we align our curriculum to the Diocese of Davenport’s curriculum standards. We are also in the process of adapting the Iowa Core Curriculum, which begins in 2014 for all Iowa elementary schools.

We have posted below a curriculum profile of each grade level at Regina Elementary. Please look through these profiles to familiarize yourself with the curriculum taught at each grade level.

In addition to the core curriculum listed on these profiles, students attend specials classes. Our specials at Regina Elementary are: music, physical education, art, library, computer, and guidance. We also offer orchestra starting in fourth grade and band starting in fifth grade.

If you have questions about Regina’s curriculum please contact Principal Celeste Vincent at or 319-337-5739

Kindergarten Curriculum Profile

First Grade Curriculum Profile

Second Grade Curriculum Profile

Third Grade Curriculum Profile

Fourth Grade Curriculum Profile

Fifth Grade Curriculum Profile

Sixth Grade Curriculum Profile

Kindergarten-Sixth Grade Curriculum Profile