“Man’s mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Technology2N SMARTboard

Regina Elementary is committed to providing our students an education that is relevant and challenging. Any relevant curriculum in today’s world requires that technology should be utilized and skills mastered by students as they progress through their education. Below is a summary of how technology is integrated into learning at Regina Elementary.

Elementary Classrooms

All K-12 classrooms are equipped with a SMARTboard interactive system. Interactive SMARTboards provide opportunities for our teachers to engage learners in a digital environment for the benefits of developing technology skills and enhancing the learning processes for all children.

Elementary Computer Lab

Regina’s lab has thirty workstations equipped with iMac computers. These are high-speed Internet accessible.  Each station may print to a color printer. Students receive classroom instruction to improve keyboarding skills, create presentations, research projects, process papers, and develop 21st Century skills. In the Computer Lab, students, grades K-6, are beginning to learn the basics of computer programming. The skills they are learning will help them be able to one day design apps and websites of their very own!
Regina students also utilize digital cameras for projects and have access to age-appropriate educational software at school and at home (i.e. Education City and Spelling City). Kindergarten through fourth grade students have computer class twice during a six-day cycle. Fifth and sixth graders have computer class once every 6 days.

Regina Elementary currently has a small set of iPads for use with small groups within the classroom. Teachers select apps to use with their classroom that fit with their curriculum. Teachers and students also use the iPads to do research and access Reading Wonders Online, the reading curriculum in the Elementary.