Fine Arts

“The school must begin from the principle that its educational program is intentionally directed to the growth of the whole person.”  – The Catholic School, #29
5th Grade Stained Glass Art Work 2013

At Regina Elementary, we know a well-rounded education is essential to the development of our students. We have a deep commitment to allow our students to express their artistic abilities through our fine arts program. Read more below about the opportunities for arts education at Regina Elementary.
Art3rd Grade Art Class

Regina Elementary students receive art instruction outside of their homerooms once during a six-day cycle. The students participate in community and school art fairs and contests throughout the year. Homeroom teachers also complete art projects within their own classrooms, usually as a part of an inter-disciplinary lesson. Many of these projects hang outside each classroom in our main hallway.


All Regina elementary students grades 1st – 5th attend music once every three days for a 40-minute period.  Kindergarten meets twice every three days for 20 minutes.  Sixth graders also have music once every three days and meet with our 6th -12th grade music teacher. Students in grades 1st – 5th perform at the Christmas and spring concerts in addition to singing in monthly masses.  Sixth graders perform with the 5th and 6th grade bands at Christmas and in the spring. All elementary students gather together to sing as a form of prayer the week before a scheduled Mass.

Elementary Band

Fifth and sixth grade students may join band and take instrumental weekly music lessons. Each band conducts a full group rehearsal once a week.  The band performs a concert at Christmas and during the spring. The fifth and sixth grade band students also perform in a concert with the high school bands in March.


Regina has its own orchestra program. Fourth grade students may start lessons on the violin, viola, cello, or bass (Beginning Orchestra) with group lessons once a week during the school day.  Fifth and sixth graders (Advanced Orchestra) take group lessons once a week during the school day. Each orchestra has one whole group rehearsal per week.  Advanced Orchestra performs a concert tour to the other private schools in the Iowa City area in early May.  With the addition of the junior high/high school orchestra program in 2011-2012, Regina students now have a 4-12 orchestra program available to them. The beginning, advanced, and high school orchestras perform twice a year: a winter concert at the end of January and a spring concert at the end of April. They also perform at Masses and other special occasions throughout the year.


Artist in Residence

Each year, Regina Elementary with the support of Home and School invites a professional artist, writer, or musician to come into the school and share his or her talents with Regina students. We also partner with other elementary schools to offer additional experiences with visiting artists. Recent artists in residence include: Orchestra Iowa, Eulenspieggel Puppet Theatre Company, Des Moines Metro Opera, and author Julia Cook.




Field Trips

Regina promotes the arts through field trips as well. With a thriving arts community in Iowa City, various grade levels will take advantage of these great opportunities. In recent years, grade levels have visited the Old Creamery Theater in Amana and Orchestra Iowa’s Elementary Concert series.

PISA – Parents in Support of the Arts

Our parents are extremely supportive of arts education at Regina. Through PISA, our parents provide essential support to our classroom teachers and our extra-curricular activities (concerts, theater productions, music tours, etc.). PISA helps organize volunteers and fundraisers for our various fine art events in both the elementary and junior high/high school centers.