Handbook / Forms

Regina Preschool Handbook Our Handbook contains all information, policies, and procedures of value for parents of children enrolled in Regina Preschool and/or Daycare. Special care should be taken to read this document thoroughly before enrollment to assure consistency of communication and to clarify any questions you may have. It may also be a good reference for parents considering our program for their child. Hard copies are available upon request to the director.

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Regina Preschool Application for Enrollment: Enrollment requirements include: child must be 3-4 years old by September 15th & fully potty trained.  If interested in our program, please feel free to turn in a completed copy at anytime.  Each winter, we will contact those who have completed applications for the next year to request your non-refundable registration fee and an updated copy of the enrollment form.

Complete Registration Form Packet: All seven forms contained within the Registration Form packet are required for enrollment in Regina Pre-K, Preschool & Daycare. The PDF includes the Financial Agreement, Physical Exam Form, Certificate of Immunization, Emergency Consent, Pick-Up/Travel/Handbook/Photography Release, Sunscreen/Bug Spray Application Consent, and Iowa Child & Adult Care Food Program.  Hard Copies are available upon request from the director.
Medication Authorization Sheet: All nonprescription and prescription medications require a written parental authorization. This Authorization Sheet must accompany any medication to be administered to your child while at Regina Preschool & Daycare. Our Medical Policy is contained within the Handbook. Please contact the director with questions or for hard copies of this sheet.
Parent Volunteer Form: If you have a special hobby/interest/profession that would be of interest to preschoolers, we encourage your participation.   Review the calendar of our activities throughout the year and if you find themes that relate to your special talents, please let us know! Please turn this form into your child’s teacher at any time throughout the year, but please provide time so schedules may be altered for these exciting experiences for the children.